New Tennis Elbow Treatment Won’t Need Any Surgery

According to new research, up to 3% of the US adult population gets affected by tennis elbow. Tennis elbow is a painful chronic condition that can be effectively treated through non-invasive technique. Well, it’s possible through Transcatheter Arterial Embolization (TAE), an image-guided non-surgical treatment that reduces abnormal blood flow to the injured area to diminish inflammation and pain. The research was presented at the Society of Interventional Radiology’s 2019 Annual Scientific Meeting. The condition has also been termed as lateral epicondylitis, which stems from repetitive stress injuries that might occur during sports, typing and knitting, etc.

Tennis elbow can be very difficult to treat. As a result, many people are not able to perform simple tasks like cooking dinner or working on the computer. When medication and physical therapy fails to check the problem, many patients turn to invasive major surgery.

Yuji Okuno, MD, PhD, founder of Okuno Clinic and head of the study stated that they were interested to take a look into the technique that’s in use in other parts of the body and if it would be effective or not.

The study was carried out on 52 patients suffering from tennis elbow. These patients didn’t find relief from other types of treatment and they were administered TAE. They were given TAE from March 2013 and October 2017. The study revealed a slight reduction in pain-rating scores, making use of methods like Quick Disability of the Arm, Shoulder and Hand Scores; Patient-rated Tennis Elbow Evaluation scores; visual analogue scale pain rating scores; and pain-free grip strength. Besides, images taken in 32 patients two years after going through TAE revealed development in tendinosis and tear scores.
The result showed that TAE technique was able to treat debilitating conditions like tennis elbow and a person won’t suffer from it anymore.

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