New Rules Would be Enforced Regarding the Handling of Oscar Envelopes

Tim Ryan had got down to business after taking the responsibility for the epic best picture at the Oscar in 2017. He had taken stern measures against the people who had been responsible for the embarrassing mistake which had taken place at the show. He had also reached out personally to the people who were affected because of the error including the producers, presenters, stage managers and the filmmakers of La La Land and Moonlight.

What Steps Were Taken After the Error?

PwC had several meetings with the academy in order to figure out the new protocols and safeguards which would prevent such embarrassing incidents in the future. Tim Ryan had stated that they had been organizing the award shows since the last few decades without any flaws and they had made a mistake in the handing over of the envelope.

What Had Happened in Oscars 2017?

A PwC partner had made a mistake in handing the correct envelope which contained the name of the best actress award winner. The envelope contained the name of Emma Stone in La La Land and it was announced that La La Land had won the award for the best movie. One of the producers of the film had corrected that Moonlight was the winner and it had led to a lot of embarrassment.

Which Changes Have Been Introduced?

A third balloting partner would be sitting with the Oscar producers in the control room of the show. The third balloting partner would have the complete set of the winners’ envelopes and he would know the names of the winners by heart.

The two partners who had worked on the Academy Awards of 2017 had been replaced. Ryan had confirmed that they still worked for PwC. The new stage side partners who have been appointed are rick Rosas and Kimbery Bourdon. Rick Rosas has worked for fourteen years in the post and Kimberley Bourdon was from the Los Angeles office of the company.

When the envelopes would be handed over, a new formal procedure would be followed. The celebrity presenter and a stage manager would confirm that they had been provided the correct envelope for the prize that they were about to present.

All the balloting partners would be attending the rehearsals of the show so that they could come up with some back-up in case an error occurred. The use of cellphones or social media would be prohibited during the show.


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