NASA Reveals Sense of Humor, Responds to Fans Request of Saving Tony Stark!

Marvel Fans over the universe have been going gaga after the end of Avengers Infinity war; but nothing compared to the response that came last Friday after Marvel dropped the trailer of their ultimate blockbuster Avengers: Endgame.
The trailer was vastly different from the previous Avenger’s movies. With numerous characters lost by Thanos wielding the infinity stones, this one portrayed a more somber, serious and dark environment.
The most striking part of the movie was Tony Stark lost in space; the trailer portrays the billionaire lost in helplessness with no idea of how to get back.
The Iron Man character is loved and celebrated by millions worldwide. The sight of him stranded in space has let a subset of quirky fans even go to the extent of contacting NASA and requesting them to bring back Tony Stark.
What an amusing blend of reality and fantasy, right? However, the most intriguing part is how the US agency in NASA replied with a sense of humor. In a Twitter, post-NASA addressed Marvel and wrote how they should contact the rest of the Avengers to issue a mission control. NASA further mentioned how they will import all resources available to get back Tony Stark for fans.
As funny as this incident is, this reveals the gravity of the MCU and just how obsessed fans are by the string of events and characters. This makes at least one thing crystal clear; Avengers Endgame will undoubtedly be one of the most iconic movies to hit the silver screens.

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