The Must See List of Apple for 2019 Starts with Its New Streaming Service

The biggest revolution from Apple in 2019 won’t be limited to devices. In fact, it would also include the services that run on it. The sale of iPhone is not escalating as it used to be; rather, it’s becoming very hard to make the smartphones more ostentatiously attractive.

Apple’s capacity to pursue users progressively might come from the software and services such as Apple Music and the forthcoming Apple video service that are basically used on the devices. This is the reason why Apple won’t break out iPhone unit sales. Tim Cook wants that everyone should think about Apple in a different manner, even it might seem to be bit hard.

Tim during a statement mentioned that going by the impetus that one is seeing all, the company is feeling great about their current services. He even added that his company is excited about the services that are on their pipeline. In the coming years, Apple might stand out to be a bit different that it used to be.

It doesn’t signify that Apple’s dependence on iPhones would decline. However, it doesn’t mean that the services working on the devices are about to get jazzed-up. It is being assumed that a new video streaming service, improved health features, and a news magazine-like subscription service or any subscription-based contribution might make an appearance next year.

One serious boost that one can get to see from Apple is its long-rumored video streaming service. For this, the company has hired two top level executives from Sony Picture in order to lead the endeavor.

The company is also supposed to start a subscription news service, based on Texture.

The company is having plans in the health and fitness sector. The ECG app available on the Apple Watch Series 4 already allows one to use the watch’s digital crown and sensors to monitor the electrical patterns of the heart rate and evaluate them for potential health issues.

Apple no longer place great emphasis on service and not on hardware, it is evident from Apple Music being available in Echo.

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