Mozilla Would Be Launching a Paid Version of Firefox, says Mozilla CEO

For over a decade, web browsers software was available for free. However, things are going to change soon. In a recent interview, Mozilla CEO Chris Beard stated that they are having plans to start providing a subscription service inside of Firefox, which would provide access to ‘premium’ features like a VPN service or cloud storage. As per Beard the services might roll out in October.

The details of the plan remain hazy. In fact, it’s not clear if it’s going to be a single subscription service offering multiple features, or if these would be separate subscription services. However, at least one subscription option is affirmed and it’s on the way.

Mozilla started testing a subscription VPN offering last October. Although, it was presented as a test, it was made available to a small group of users. Those who were offered with the option got the chance to subscribe through Firefox, by paying $10 per month for getting access to ProtonVPN.
The aim for Mozilla is to develop “distinct sources of revenue” so that it isn’t so heavily dependent on money it receives from search companies that pay to be featured in the browser.

Mozilla stated that it won’t charge for any present features available in Firefox as part of its shift to offer subscription services. Rather, it’s just using the fact that its browser is already present on a huge number of computers to sell added services to people, who aren’t currently paying the company at all.

Dave Camp, Senior Vice President of Firefox, in a statement stated that a high-performing, free and private-by-default Firefox browser would continue to be key to their core service offerings.

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