Mitchell Starc Saves the Day, Prevents Australia from Losing the Match

For the second time in this World Cup, Mitchell Starc became the savior for Australia. On Wednesday, during Australia’s match against Taunton, at one moment of time there was no chance of Australia winning the game. However, as soon as Starc entered the game, things started to change. Firstly, he tied thing up with conceding three runs, then bursting past Wahab with pace to draw the faintest cut that was quickly picked up. Starc was able to finish the game with two wickets for 43. This helped the match to change completely, from nearly lost to nearly won in the space of four balls.

It was for the second time that even after Australia put up a bad batting order Starc became the person to bail the team out. He helped the team from facing a bad defeat in the hands of Pakistan.
Starc gave his best in the middle order of the game. Australia’s game showed that they were in a vulnerable state and was only saved by Starc.

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