Microsoft Quietly Deletes Its Massive Facial Recognition Database

Microsoft just silently deleted a huge facial recognition database consisting of over 10 million images of roughly 100,000 people. Way back in 2016, Microsoft had built a database of over 10 million images featuring mostly celebrities. However, it has been reported that Microsoft deleted this database dubbed as MS Celeb, entirely from the internet.

The images were collected from search engines and published in 2016 to a dataset called and used for training facial recognition systems around the globe, including by military researchers and Chinese firms like sensitive and Megvii.

The dataset was earlier used in an AI project to identify celebrities; it had been connected to China’s attempts to crack down on ethnic minorities in the nation.

Facial-recognition technology is commonly used for day-to-day tasks like unlocking and tagging friends on social media, but privacy concerns continue.
Law enforcement agencies often depend on technology to assist with investigations, but the software isn’t without faults.

Microsoft informed that the site was aimed for academic purposes. It was managed by an employee who is no longer with Microsoft and thereby it has been removed.

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