Messi Scores 400th League Goal!

Lionel Messi has managed to score his landmark 400th goal in the La Liga. It was his 435th appearance and the match was against Eibar. With that goal, Messi has become the very first player to score 400 goals in any one of the top five leagues in Europe.
The milestone goal has managed to extend the lead Messi has as the all-time top scorer in La Liga. Of course, he managed to capture that spot all the way back in 2014 with his 252th goal. That goal broke the previous record set by Telmo Zarra. Zarra had scored all of his goals in 277 games for Athletic Bilbao between 1940 and 1955.
Currently, the leading scorer in all of the top 5 leagues of Europe combined is Cristiano Ronaldo with 409 goals over 507 league matches. However, his goals are broken up into the three leagues that he played in. As such, Messi is in fine shape to overtake that record soon enough.

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