Mental Health Issues Is On the Rise among Children

At an alarming rate, mental health issues among children are on the rise. This trend is clearly evident among young children. As young children can’t communicate their issues; an accurate diagnosis of the problem becomes difficult. Hence, parents and teachers need to be aware and alert towards the mental and emotional condition of the children.

The life of a child might be easy and stress-free. However, in reality in this modern world, a lot of stress is placed on the child. They are pressurized to perform better. Thus, performance anxiety becomes a part and parcel of their life. There are many expectations from the child by the parents. They are overburdened with activities that occupy them all day long.

Parents want their little ones to fulfil all their dreams. Each parent wants their child to do their best in academics and every other field. A small child thus doesn’t have his own play time and the constant pressure and expectation from parents is something very stressful for them. The constant demands of the parent make them depressed and stressed out.

Children can display signs of depression, stress and anxiety in many ways. They are:

Rigid behaviour such as bedwetting and crying frantically for long.
Biting nails and head-butting.
Some children show signs of disheartened and withdrawn; whereas some can show signs of throwing tantrums.
Refusing to eat and can become quiet.

When a child shows these signs, professional help might be required for them.

The first step to prevent mental illness from becoming an integral part of a child is to give them some free time so that they can be a child. In this era of small or nuclear families, children cry out for love. Hence, giving them adequate time or paying attention to them is crucial. Parents should listen to their little one. Attention might be given to them. However, a boundary must be set. Teachers should take steps in making the child comfortable at school. Any unusual behaviour should be reported immediately and discussed with parents or the school counsellor. Diagnosis of mental illness can help to keep the disease in check.

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