Make Way for Triple Rear Cameras Featuring the New OnePlus 7

OnePlus is all set to introduce its OnePlus 7 flagship series, and until now Chinese conglomerate isn’t shy to drop hints. As per recent news tweets their latest OnePlus 7 will feature three rear cameras. Further, it also dropped hints of making the OnePlus 7 pro the first available phone to feature 5G connectivity.

Since 2014 OnePlus garnered the reputation of developing premium phones; and with the current pace of innovations at its tow, it looks like the Chinese tech giant is getting ready to compete with Galaxy devices and iPhones.

As per speculated rumors, the OnePlus 7 will bring to the table three rear cameras that would include 48- 20- and 5-megapixel camera. This is likely to be done for competing with OnePlus’s biggest competitors Samsung and Huawei.

Currently, the brand is also trying to offer its products at market friendly price, and is expecting a good turnover.

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