Is Living Alone Increasing Risk of Mental Health Condition?

According to a new study, living alone is associated with common mental disorders. The authors of the study have identified the main reason behind it is worrying relationship.

Some common mental disorders (CMDs) such as mood disorders, anxiety, and substance use disorders. According to some studies, almost one-third of people are experiencing a CMD during their lifetime.

These conditions can have an important effect on the individual, but because of their high predominance, they also impact society at large. Because o huge influence of CMDs, scientists are eager to find out the full range of risk factors that cause mental health.

In recent years, scientists have found whether living alone might be one such risk factor. The results of the new study offer a fresh look into this matter. The author of the study concluded that there is a connection between living alone and CMDs. It has been found that it can impact all age groups and sexes, and the primary reason is loneliness.
The number of people living alone is firmly growing throughout the Western world; this is because of a number of reasons, such as the aging population, people inclined to get married at an older age, and more divorce rates.

Researchers have already delved into the relationship between CMDs and staying alone; however, most have emphasized on older adults. Hence, the finding won’t be applicable to older people. Even studies generally focusing on just one mental condition depression won’t be of any help.

The analysis also showed that across different age groups and sexes, there was an important association between living alone and having a CMD. The size of the relationship was fairly same across three surveys.

Not everyone who lives alone is lonely. However, there are many ways to deal with it. It might include talking therapies, social care provisions, and animal-based interventions. It’s important to ensure that people can get the help they need to deal with it.

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