A little bit of Gold and 10 Minutes of Time can detect Any Type of Cancer, Scientists Say

A device has been developed by the researchers which can identify cancer in just 10 minutes. It has been reported that the expenditure for the test is less than currently available ones. The researchers have said that the device can identify any type of cancer by testing any tissue of the human body.
It does not have to be a biopsy sample; the researchers have said that the test can detect cancer even from blood samples of people. The ease of accessing the device gives people hope that in near future, everybody could afford such device, just like mobile phones.
It has been reported that scientists have found a DNA which is present in every type of cancer. According to the scientists, in all cancer cells, methyl groups were gathered in a particular position on the genome. This is starkly opposed to the healthy cells, where the groups are dispersed throughout the genome.
The scientists also noticed this unique signature of cancerous cells is very gold-hungry. Due to this trait, cancerous cells can be detected by just a color-changing test.
Though the device is still in initial stages, the researchers are hopeful that the accuracy rates of the device will be up to 90 percent.

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