List of various Korean Streetfood

Korea is a paradise for people in love with sea food. The variety of street food available on the streets of South Korea can fullfill any food hungry soul. Some of the food items available on the streets of South Korea are as follows.
Tteokbokkki (spicy rice cakes)
Tteokobokki is served with a bright red sauce named gochujang which is very spicy. The rice cake which is neutral in taste needs a spicy sauce to compliment it.Its is made by fermenting soybeans and red chillies. Previously tteokobokki was a dish which was only served in the royal court, but now its available on the streets and partygoers binge on it like never before.
Korean Fried Chicken
Korean chicken is a fusion food of the Americans and Koreans. This delicacy is chicken fried mixed with hot spices, Spicy honey sauce, garlic, peanuts and chilli flakes. Those who don’t like spicy food can also try just the fried version of it without the spices. Beer which is known as mekju is Korea tastes best with Korean Fried Chicken and the combination is often known as Chimek.
Twigim ( Korean Style Tempura)
Twigim is ancient to Korea. The dish is basically squid, potatoes, or boiled eggs fried in a tempura batter.
Gimbap ( Korean Sushi)
Gimbap is Korean sushi wrapped in sea weed and glazed in different sauces. The rice is flavoured with perilla oil and the filling depends. The fillings can be done with spinach, tofu, pickled vegetables and meat.
Mandu ( Dumplings)
Mandu which are Korean dumplings are served in a soup. They are available in boiled and fried variants. Kimch mandu is the most eaten kind of mandu. The mandus atre filled with sweet onion, spicy kimchi and pork.
Myeon (noodles)
Various kinds of noodle preparation are available on the street on South Korea. Naengmyeon is a north korean dish which is served with noodles in a cold broth with sweet potato, beef and cucumber iin it. Sujebi is the warmer version of noodles served in Korea which is hand torn noodles with vegetable broth and bites of green chilli.
Pajeon (pancakes)
Pancakes act as full meal on the go. There are plain pancakes available stuffed with leeks and green onions. Haemul Pageon is filled with squids and prawns. Nokdu Bindaetteok is another version of pancake which is made in a batter of mung beans and is available in Seoul.
Odeng ( fish-cake skewers)
Odeng are fish cakes available in skewers. This is a soft and smooth fiscake infused in hot broth flavoured with green onions and seafood. Its very popular in winter.
Hotteok ( Korean donuts)
Generally called Korean donuts, Hotteok are spicy pancakes. Its filled with cinnamon and brown sugar. The process in which Hoetteok is made is a delight to watch. Other fillings which are used in these donuts are black sesame seeds, red beans, honey and peanuts
Bungeoppang and gukhwappang (red bean waffles)
Bungeoppang is a cute fish shaped which is sweet in taste.The exterior of this dish is waffle like and the filling inside is re hot red bean paste.


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