The Lifestyle of European Expats in the UAE

According to the latest Expat Explorer survey by baking giant, HSBC, the United Arab Emirates is one of the top 10 countries for expats. The country does have a significant population of expatriates. In fact, only 20% of the population in UAE is Emiratis. That makes UAE the country with the highest percentage of expats. While Indians and Pakistanis constitute most of the expat population, there is still a sizeable contingent from European countries.
Why do European Expats Choose UAE?
UAE has always been one of the top choices for expats to move to. Traditionally, expats have been lured by the prospect of a tax-free destination. Although the UAE now charges VAT, it is still free from many taxes. However, that is not the only reason why expats love this country.
The Lifestyle in the UAE
For European expats, there is a lot to look forward to in the UAE. There is certainly immense scope for shopping, adventure, fine dining and, surprisingly, excellent nightlife here. As such, European expats will find life in the UAE comparable to their home countries in many cases.
Of course, life in the UAE is lived according to the tenets of Islam, the official religion of the country. Nonetheless, expats usually end up enjoying their lifestyles here as long as they respect and follow the local customs and laws.
The shopping scene in the UAE is considered to be one of the best as nearly all global brands have a presence here. Apart from glitzy malls, expats can also go through the local markets.
While liquor is banned in the UAE, it is possible for certain bars and hotels to carry alcoholic products. As long as European expats follow the rules in place for liquor use, they can actually enjoy their whiskies and scotch at ease here. As for restaurants, you will find them serving cuisine from nearly all over the world.
For European expats, it is rather easy to get a house or apartments to live in. However, most expats tend to prefer living in communities. It helps them be more comfortable when they move to the Emirates for the first time. There are several such communities in the bigger cities of the Emirates like Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Life in these communities offers a greater degree of freedom from the rest of the country as all residents will be hailing from Europe.


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