Kevin Hart’s Row Left Oscar 2019 Without a Host

Current entertainment news state that Oscar 2019 will be presented without a host this year, after the controversy with Kevin Hart. Hart who had initially made homophobic tweets was attacked severely on social media and had recently publicly apologized for his conducts.
However, as per the head of the ABC Entertainment responsible for hosting the Academy Awards Entertainment, this year’s Oscar will not be conducted via a host. Instead, the focus will be given on celebrities who will be offering up the trophies. Kevin Hart who reportedly pulled out of Oscar himself claimed that he did not want to hurt people anymore, so he won’t be partaking in the event any longer.
As per the statements by Karey Burke, this year the presenters themselves will be hosting the Oscars in Los Angeles. Moreover, the mystery over how the Oscars will be presented this year has built the anticipation of fans that are keen to understand how the event will shape up.
Initially, numerous times Academy award ceremonies had not to host, like in 1989, where an award show was presented by Rob Lowe and an actress cosplaying as Snow White. This led to numerous criticisms by Hollywood actors who illustrated that the act was a direct insult to the Academy motion picture industry as well as Walt Disney.
Now, the Oscars did face a lot of controversies owing to the problem of the Host. The strain is moreover, high as last year, the envelope gate” scandal, garnered the management severe criticism. The scandal had resulted from LA LA Land being announced as the best film, where the clear winner was Moonlight. This led to the shelving of the popular film award category as there was extreme criticism.
This time fans are waiting to see how the Oscars fare without the involvement of a host. Hart who was cherished for the lightening up the mood will be hard to replace, and how well will the new presenters conduct the event. Only time will tell.

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