Keeping an Eye on Past Problems Facebook Expands its Local News Section

Facebook is carefully expanding one of its features that are going to show local news and information, such as road closures, alerts of missing person, crime reports, and many other news to people. The section which is going to be known as ‘Today In’ is going to disclose to people news from their towns and cities from various sources. The sources may range from government entities to news outlets and community groups.

This service was started by Facebook way back in January with six cities initially; but later on it was expanded to 25 cities. On 28th November, the Today In service expanded to 400 cities in the US and across few other cities in Australia.

This move from the end of Facebook comes at a point when it wants to drop its reputation as a hotbed for misstatement and also for meddling with elections; rather make it a place for people and communities to come together and also stay well-informed. Currently, Facebook has clarified that it isn’t paying anything to anyone to add posts; similarly any business or any group can pay money in order to get listed.

Today In is the brainchild of the Facebook Journalism project, an extensive endeavor to enhance the news industry, which includes local news. According to company, it is one thing which has been requested by the users for a long time. Anthea Watson Strong, product manager for local news and community information, mentioned that her team learned from the problems and have tried to overcome it. Facebook is hopeful the slow rollout will help to avert problems.

User, who wants to know if ‘Today In’ services are available in their town or city, would need to tap on the ‘menu’ icon which is three horizontal lines. After that, one need to scroll down till one comes across it. One would be able to choose directly the news feed.

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