Jony Ive’s Resignation from Apple Marks as the End of an Era

Sir Jonathan Ive, who was the leading man behind most of all Apple’s iconic hardware, is now taking a back seat from the company. This creative genius recently announced that he is bidding adieu to the technology company to develop his own enterprise LoveFrom.

Now, Ive’s firm will continue to assist Apple, but still, his leaving will still leave Apple in a vulnerable state. Over the years Ive managed to pull Apple from the brink of nothing and assist it in turning into Mega-Empire.

Originally Ive began in Apple in 1992, and worked under the design division, aiding Apple to create the Apple Newton. 5 years later when he tried to leave, he was then appointed as Apple’s senior vice president of industrial design, by none other than Steve Jobs himself.

Later, Ive told his story on a report published by The New Yorker that he along with Steve Jobs decided to work on the now developed iMac. They soon introduced a set of products which today turned Apple into a multimillion-dollar business. Further, these products also set up the benchmark for design across the technology business.

The iMac’s success was again followed by the iPod, which resulted from a joint collaboration by Jobs and Ive. If Jobs gave birth to an idea, Ive was the one that nurtured and grew it into something huge.
In fact, the iPod’s popularity skyrocketed so much that even the white headphones coming with this were instantly recognized as Apple’s.

Not just this, the many versions and generations of iPhones also had Ive’s work done on them. From the home screen button to the touch screen and form factor along with all design intricacies had Ive’s hand in them.

Thus, Ive’s influence over the years indeed played a role in Apple’s continual success. His leaving is, therefore, indeed categorized as the end of an era.

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