Jony Ive to Start His New Design Firm, Leaves Apple after 30 Years

Recent news reports state that Jonathan Ive, chief design officer of Apple will walk out of the company late this year to work on his own design firm, LoveFrom. Ive who has led Apple’s design team since 1996 is now leaving the company, and left it more vulnerable. Being the mastermind behind Apple’s design intricacies, his departure is marked as the end of an era for Apple.

Ive’s own company LoveFrom will also include Marc Newson, Apple’s Frame designer. However, CEO Steve Jobs confirms along with Ive that he will still collaborate with Apple and work alongside the company.
Jobs further claimed that Ive will assist in all of Apple’s exclusive projects, and continue to oversee the welfare of the brand. He also states that working with Ive for so long has helped him develop a close bond with the man, and hence, he is looking forward to working on several future endeavors with him.

Today Ive falls under one of the world’s most influential industrial designer who has walked Apple throughout many highlights; from iPod, iPhone, iMac, Apple Watch and more, his contribution to design has been limitless.

At present, Ive also voiced the latest design video for the Mac Pro which will debut later in the years. That’s not all; Ive also played a crucial role in shaping Apple software. Owing to his contribution, Apple’s software today has set a benchmark for other technological firms.

In his latest interview, Ive further mentions that he is grateful to Apple and, after 30 years of working on numerous projects, he is proud that Apple has reached its peak as the best technological company of all times. Today, he is sure that Apple under its new vice president of industrial design, Evans Hankey, will continue to thrive and surpass all boundaries. He is also looking forward to working with Apple as their design assistant and aid the brand in any way possible.

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