Israel to Build a Second Lunar Lander Following the Crash of Its First One

Israeli nonprofit organization Space IL decides to begin with the construction of its second Lunar Lander following the crash of its first one in the moon surface last week. The Israeli entrepreneur, Morris Kahn who has also backed much of the first lunar mission of Space IL has announced the decision using his social media account.

The organization is yet to provide more details about its second mission and it did not mention anything until now about the date of the second mission and how it would be taking place.

The Lunar Lander that was originally named as Beresheet in its first mission had reached quite close to landing on the surface of the moon before it crashed just moments before touching down on the surface. Apparently, the issue seemed to happen with the engine following a technical glitch while it was in the orbit around the moon. However, the engine restarted quite quickly but not too quick for a successful landing.

The exact cause of the glitch is yet to be known and the engineers are still working to find the reason behind the crash. Morris has announced through a video post on his social media account about his decision of establishing Beresheet Shtayim, in the light of all the support, encouragement and motivation that the company has received from all over the world.

Had the first lunar Lander been successfully launched in space, it would have been a historical moment not only for Israel but also for the space industry. Completing his statement Morris also said that the organization would be launching the new spacecraft on the moon and they would also complete their mission.

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