Investigations Reveal Coke’s Claim to Restore Water to be Untrue

Cola Cola had revealed their plans to recycle the entire amount of water which is used by the organization by 2030. The company had boasted that they gave back every drop of water which was used by them. After a series of investigations, it had been revealed that the company had largely exaggerated the water record. The reports have also concluded that the World Without Waste recycle plan which was adopted by the company should be looked at with skepticism.
In mid-2000s, the company had been under fire because of its water practices. The company tries to keep their distribution costs low by obtaining water from the local water sources. After the local residents started facing water crisis, the critically large amount of water users were became the target of the public.
in 2007, US college students had called for a nation-wide boycott of the company because they were allegedly stealing the water and livelihood of the Indian farmers. E. Neville Isdell, Coke’s CEO during that time had pledged to return every drop of water which the company used. He had also stated that the company would fulfill the goal by 2020.
A water-use accounting way was found when Arjen Hoekstra, a Dutch Scientist developed Water Footprint. With the help of water footprint, the total amount of water which is consumed could be calculated. It could calculate the amount of water which was used in the factory, required to create the raw materials and in packaging.
Hoekstra was extremely excited to help Coca Cola in their endeavor and agreed to assess the amount of water consumption and reduce it. With time it became evident that the company was far away from its pledge of replacing every drop of water which was consumed by them.


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