Internet Breach Leaves Millions of Private Data of Celebrities Online

The personal details of about millions of celebrities and influencers were left available online freely such that anyone who could access it could easily read the contents that were available inside it.

The breach was initially reported by Techcrunch and it apparently focused on Instagram users. The data were found to be left unsecured and it contained information scraped from Instagram accounts of millions of celebrities including their locations and profile pictures, personal as well as private data and also their email addresses and phone numbers.

The information also included the details of engagement, interaction and reach of the users that are responsible for generating financial values to the accounts of those visible in order to determine how much they could be paid for promotional and advertising activities.

The breach had also revealed the private information of many high profiled celebrities apart from the common mass of people. In fact, Techcrunch reported that the breach not only revealed the contact information of these high profiled celebrities but also allowed people to contact and communicate with them.

The data is suspected to have been generated by a social media marketing firm that allowed people to get paid for posting sponsored contents and advertisements in their personal Instagram accounts.
After the breach was detected by a security researcher, it was taken offline. Until now it is still not clear how the marketing firm made it possible for itself to generate such a large amount of data.
Previously Instagram had admitted of mistakenly allowing people for gathering private information from other people’s accounts, but it is still not clear whether this new breach is part of the previous mistake caused by Instagram. The marketing firm accused of the breach known to be an Indian firm.

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