For Instagram and Twitter users, Snapchat Has Become a Content Creation Tool

It’s conceivable that Snapchat stopped being culturally pertinent when Kylie Jenner announced it dead and Rihanna contradicted it. This past weekend, however, it appears like everyone was re-downloading, reopening, or trying out Snapchat for the first time in years. The reason being two new Snapchat filters, which permit users to look at gender switched versions of themselves by adding traditional masculine features or normative female features.

The filters quickly spread everywhere outside of Snapchat. Altered selfies came all over Twitter, Instagram Stories, and even Facebook. It became immediately evident that taking part in the fun online trend this weekend indicated that downloading Snapchat for a few minutes, going through the process of getting back into a forgotten account, and exchanging a few selfies to be shared with friends — just not inevitably to be shared on Snapchat.

Instagram Stories has dragged a lot of people away from Snapchat, but there is something that Snapchat pursues to do that hauls people back: offer particularly creative filters. Snapchat is the best content creation platform, and people are suitably using it like a tool to make interesting photos that they can share in another place. The same thing occurred recently with Snapchat’s baby filter, when people posted pictures using the filter all over Twitter.

Snapchat has plummeted in daily download rankings ever since the gender swap filters took off as a trend. Celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Sarah Silverman shared their Snapchat photos on Twitter and Instagram, specifically.

Even the user’s growth has halted; Snapchat is by no means dead. It is depending on moments like these to get people using its app rather than the nearly-identical features provided across every Facebook property. And Snapchat is continuously beating Instagram in the section of fun filters.

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