Instagram Is Killing Its Standalone Direct Messaging App

During the approaching months, one won’t be able to slip into someone else’s DMs via the Direct for Instagram app anymore.

It seems that the photo-sharing social media giant is closing off support for the Direct app “in the upcoming month”. However, all of those important messages you’ve hurled to mates via the magic of Instagram aren’t disappearing for now; well it’s just moving over to the dedicated Instagram app.

It was first spotted by social media industry commentator Matt Navarra, and a couple of dedicated fans in the Play Store. Presently, users are now greeted with a message when using the Direct for Instagram app that simply states that it’s going away.

Direct was originally revealed on Dec. 7, 2017 as a camera-first app, which had over a passing similarity to Snapchat. A company spokesperson told earlier that “Direct has evolved within Instagram over the last four years, but it can be made even better if it stands on its own.

Now it seems that Direct is gone, before it ever really lived but the reasons for the U-turn aren’t directly clear. Direct for Instagram appears to be following the same curve as Messenger, which parent company Facebook spun out of the Facebook app back in 2014.

Instagram did not respond to comment on the matter.

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