Industrially Produced Trans-fatty Acids to be Removed from Global Food Supply

WHO has released a step-by step guide providing information about the removal of industrially produced trans-fatty acids from food supply across the globe. It has been observed that if trans-fat can be removed then the health and lives of numerous individuals across the globe can be saved. It has been estimated that more than 500,000 deaths occur due to cardiovascular diseases caused by excessive trans-fat intake.
The trans-fat which is produced industrially contain vegetable fat in a hardened version like ghee and margarine and are commonly found in snack foods, baked and fried food items. The manufacturers use them because they have a longer shelf life in comparison to the other fats. If healthier alternatives could be used in the preparation of food then health or the taste of food would not be affected in any way.
Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. WHO Director-General had stated that WHO had requested the governments to use REPLACE in order to remove industrially manufactured trans-fat from food items. The six strategic actions which is a part of the REPLACE package would help in the elimination of trans-fat and help in emerging victorious against the cardio-vascular diseases which are claiming numerous lives.
The dietary sources of the industrially-manufactured trans-fat should be reviews and changes should be made in the policy. The replacement of the industrially manufactured trans-fat should be promoted and they should be replaced with healthy fats and oils. Regulatory actions should be taken up in order to remove industrially produced trans-fat.
The trans-fat content should be monitored and assessed in the food supply and the changes in the consumption of trans-fat among the population should also be monitored and evaluated. Awareness should be created regarding the negative impacts of the consumption of trans-fat and the policies and regulations should be enforced.


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