In CWC 2019: England vs Afghanistan Match, New Records Created At This Game

Host-team England in their fifth match against Afghanistan at the Old Trafford, Manchester secured a 150-run win against the Afghans. This maiden win helped the England cricket team to climb to the top of the points table. Skipper Morgan’s remarkable hitting during the second half helped England to score a record total of 397/6. Morgan walked into the crease during the 30th over and created a new world record.

On Tuesday, England captain Eoin Morgan became the first batsman in ODI history to hit 17 sixes in an innings in the ongoing match against Afghanistan in Manchester. The huge score put up by England, seemed like a huge mountains for the Afghans that they needed to climb in just 50 overs.
Leaving apart whether the Afghans stay in the tournament or not, the new record set by England, especially by Morgan collapsed all previous records. Let’s take a look:

The 17 sixes which Eoin Morgan hammered in this game are the most by any player in an ODI inning. Morgan’s striking and bold ball-striking offered a stunning entertainment to an Old Trafford crowd that enjoyed the most.

The seven sixes that Morgan hit off Rashid Khan in this match are also the most by any player against a particular bowler in an ODI.

The 25 sixes England struck during their innings is the most made by any team during an ODI innings. England broke their own record which they set by hitting 24 sixes during the Grenada ODI over the Windies.

A total of 33 sixes were hit during this game by both sides. The 33 sixes in the England-Afghanistan game are also the 3rd most in an ODI game.

Eoin Morgan’s 57-ball century is now the fastest century for England in the World Cup.

Rashid Khan finished 100 runs with the ball in only 8.1 overs. This is the earliest any bowler has yielded 100 runs with the ball in an ODI.

Rashid became the first spinner to yield 100 or more runs in an ODI in Men’s cricket.

Eoin Morgan’s 17 sixes helped him to remain ahead of Dhoni.

England recorded their highest total in the World Cup in this game as they exceeded the total of 386/6 which they documented against Bangladesh in this tournament only.

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