Important Tips to Make Most Use of the New Amazon Echo

Did you just purchase the beautiful Amazon Echo smart speaker? You must be excited with the new device, but wondering what things you can do with it. Well, no matter which version of the speaker you bought, whether be it the new Amazon Echo Dot or the Echo Show, there are a lot of effective ways to make the most use of Alexa.

No one can deny the fact that Amazon’s line of smart speakers are getting popular with every passing day. It’s for a good reason. After all, with Alexa, one can make their home a smart home. Moreover, with the voice commands, it can do a lot of things for the users.

Alexa, which is the artificially-intelligent assistant built into every Echo devices can give you the latest news, or turn on the lights and play audio books just on the command. Well, it’s only the tip of the iceberg. If you want to know what more you can get from the new Amazon Echo, this blog will guide you with it.

Tips and Tricks

Just follow the tips and tricks to make the most use of the less unknown features of Alexa.


Amazon Echo is dependable devices; however, they still might face some issues. If you want to avoid the hassles, you need to understand the ring of light colors and what it signifies. For instance, violet light will appear in case there is a problem with setting the Wi-Fi. For the status indicator, if there is a p blue light it indicates that the Bluetooth is in pairing mode. Once you understand the lights and what it means, you will be able to operate Alexa easily.

Plugging Into Smart Home

If you want to take control of other smart home products, which includes smart lights or locks, it is important to choose smart home devices that are compatible with Alexa. After a little bit of set up, once can use their voice command to lock the doors or turn on the lights, or even switch on the TV.

Making It A DJ

If you plan to use the Amazon Echo for playing music, few tricks needs to be learned. In order to enhance the listening experience, you can schedule your favorite music with Alexa Routines. Or, one can also create an Alexa playlist with one’s voice.

There are many ways one can make their Amazon Echo function to users command. With these tips one can make most use of the device.

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