Have an Idea to Help Put an End to World Hunger? Reach Out to the U.N.

World Food Programme’s Innovation Accelerator has the goal to figure out a fast way to end hunger forever. This is a two year old venture that has inspired the start-up scene. It is receiving loads of ideas to combat hunger by supporting outside entrepreneurs and brainstorming internally for testing it out in the real world as soon as possible.
There are two dozen projects in progress and some of them in the developmental stages like the artificial intelligence program which can analyze the images. It has been collected by drones clicked after a natural disaster. The plain is to train it so that it can automatically flag the potential problems such as collapsed bridge. However, there are further concepts which are further along like Dalil. It is a smartphone app which has been designed to help out the poor families who purchase food at shops which have been put up by World Food Programme in order to offer food assistance. The app is known to list what is available at what price and where it is available. Thus, the customers will be able to plan out their grocery shopping in a better manner. A pilot program had been launched in two cities of Lebanon in the last month of November and it has now gone Nationwide.
The progress had been monitored from the modern office of the Accelerator in downtown Munich which above the headquarters of Rischart. This is one of the most popular bakeries of Germany. It greets 25 person staff who is a mix of folks dedicated to fundraising, project management, communications, and partnership.
At an entrance, there is a food computer. This is actually a miniature garden which is controlled by the sensors. It tests how variables such as light, temperature can be adjusted for yielding the best possible crop even in adverse condition.
A majority of the activities takes place down the hall around the table which has been set up for hot desking as so many employees are cycling through in-between trip to the field. The former communication consultant Alex Sloan says that this is a great sandbox for testing things. However, ultimately you will have to get it closer. At times, you will also need distance.
The Accelator is placed more than 500 miles away from the headquarter of World Food Programme in Rome. Thus, it offers the freedom to operate differently. Albeit, the Accelerator is in search of added financial support from the private, as well as the private sector, at present it is being funded by German sources. This is primary reason it is reason it is located in Bavarian capital.
The Accelerator can turn talk into action. NG had participated in a situation in Syria where it was quite difficult to get food into the area. He was given the task of truck driving hauling supplies for distributing to starving people. Thereafter, it was stopped at the security checkpoint by a menacing and armed figure. The food has to go in somehow and that is what Ng and his colleagues are working to find out alternatives. One promising concept is to introduce self-driving vehicles. The problem is it is not known whether it will add complications.


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