Hurricane Michael has Become Strong Overnight

After the intense overnight, Hurricane Michael is seen to be pummeling Florida Panhandle as the Category 4 storm which is the strongest hurricane till date to ever strike the region. People have been ordered to evacuate as this storm winds top speed of 155 mph.
Storm surge can cause the flood water to reach 14 feet high. Panhandle is already experiencing the life-threatening in hurricane force winds, storm surge, and heavy rainfall. For the people who have stayed put, it is now time to seek shelter out of the winds and waves. Rick Scott, the Florida Governor has warned people that the time to evacuate along the cost has come and left.
The storm is exceptionally strong due to few things like favourable wind conditions, warm water in the Gulf, and humidity. These are considered to be the perfect ingredients for the storm like to become stronger.
The storm has intensified as it made the landfall even though it is expected that it is going to weaken when it crosses the land. After this storm hits, Shepherd doubts that they are going to see the same hurricane name ever again. According to him, it is a society-changing and life-changing situation. He says that the storm of this impact, the name retired, it is expected to be the case for Michael.
When Shepherd was asked about Hurricane Michael and its strength he said that the storm blossomed into Category 4 overnight. This is the primary reason that it was moving into the warm water that is unusual to some extent late in October. It had been moved to a good wind situation where there wasn’t much wind shear and there was a lot of moisture in the eastern US out ahead of the cold front which is coming from the west.
When Hurricane Michael was more towards the south, it had been a difficult wind shear environment. One of the things which are interesting about this hurricane is that it is quite resilient. It is intensifying in an environment that has a lot of wind shear and it is quite odd.


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