Hulu Signals Becoming a Disney-Centric Service In The Near Future

AT & T has recently sold about 10 per cent of its stakes increasing the possibility of Hulu to give a completely different look in one year down the line. The stakes worth $1.43 billion is sold back to the streaming service which also increases the possibility of Hulu to become a service owned by Disney in the days ahead.

Until the previous year, Hulu was evenly divided between Fox, Disney, and Comcast where each company owned a 30% cut and this was alongside the approximate 10% stake of Hulu. However, when Disney purchased Fox, the company had also gained an interest in controlling Hulu. Now that AT&T has sold its stake Disney would now be a proud owner of the combined 66% of the service. The remaining 33% would be owned by Comcast.

The increased gain in control of Disney over Hulu would also mean a complete shift and change in the form and structure of Hulu, a complete transformation from what the audience knew Hulu so long to be

This means Disney would not only benefit from the additional percentage of ownership and the money, but this new venture will also have a significant impact on the streaming content provided by the Hulu. At Present Hulu offer streaming contents from a number of providers such as NBC and Universal owned by Comcast and TBS and TNT that is owned by AT&T.

However, now that AT&T is no longer a part of the league, it is not wrong to imagine that the company will pull the shows completely in its own favour. This might be a positive shift for Disney but it may not work well with the customers for several disadvantages including more monthly fees.

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