Huawei in Its Future Smartphones Won’t Be Able to Use microSD Cards

With each passing day, the impact of the United States’ Huawei ban is escalating and growing worse. Lately, the SD Association has prohibited the Chinese hardware company Huawei from being its member. Thereby, it effectively removed the company’s potential to use microSD cards or any SD slots in their products like future phones or laptops.

The SD Association is a non-profit organization that manages the standards for SD products. It consists of everything from standard full-size SD cards to the microSD card in smartphone. It also consists of port designs that are able to read these cards.

The SD Association has affirmed that Huawei’s removal from the group was because of Trump’s executive order, making it as the latest blow to beleaguer Chinese company as the result of that ban. MicroSD cards and SD cards will carry on working on present Huawei hardware, but being prohibited from the SD Association signifies that Huawei won’t be able to use the standards on future products.

The SD Association is also by no means the first to cut ties with Huawei. Google, ARM, Intel, Qualcomm, and Broadcom are also among the companies that have stopped functioning with Huawei because of the ban. The Wi-Fi Alliance has also “temporarily limited” Huawei’s membership due to the US ban, and Huawei has also willingly left JEDEC over the issues with the US as well. All this could severely affect Huawei’s chance to manufacture hardware at all; much less compete in the US technology market.

Losing SD cards might not be the greatest issue for the company. Huawei is already prepared for the microSD outage, the company has its own trademark Nano Memory Cards, which are physically smaller than the microSD cards.

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