Hollywood Stars Declined to Work with Woody Allen Accused of Sexual Harassment

Quite a number of actors are putting some space between themselves and Woody Allen, the prolific 82-year old filmmaker who has been accused of sexual misconduct. Some of them are also reluctant to work in his next upcoming films.

Timothee Chalamet, latest cast member of an Allen’s production, expressed regret to have worked with such a director. He also promised to give his salary for an upcoming film to three charities that are fighting sexual abuse and harassment. Chalamet also said that people deserve respect and dignity in the Hollywood industry. He will be fighting with them to gain respect and dignity within the industry.

Some of the other actors who are staying away from this remarkable filmmaker are Rebecca Hall, David Krumholtz, Mira Sorvino, Ellen Page, and Griffith Newman. They have also promised that they would never work with him in any of his films. With so many actors refusing to work with the director, it will be difficult for him to field a starry cast amidst the #metoo campaign.

Some might think that the road of success might be difficult for woody Allen with so many controversies surrounding him. But those personal controversies over the decades have not created any problem for this famed persona in the Hollywood film industry.

There have been sexual allegations against Woody Allen for a long time. Allen’s adopted daughter, Ms Farrow had complained against him for sexually harassing her in 1992. Mr. Prince also made allegations against him for sexual harassment while they both were working on the TV series ‘The Man in the High Castle’ produced by Amazon Studios.

Despite so many allegations, Woody Allen has proved that he is and forever will be in a good place in the Hollywood industry. But is his time finally up?


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