Google’s Big Plan for 2019 That Everyone Should Know

Google, the search engine giant is planning to go big this year. It has made a dozen of announcements which might have failed to grab the headlines. If you have missed the big news, don’t worry. Just follow the blog and you will get updated with the news.
Recently, VP of product for Google Assistant announced that Google is planning to set up an entire ecosystem for Google Assistant that’s analogous to the ecosystem created for Android. It is going to act just like Alexa.
Moreover, Google Assistant would be acting as a real-life translator in 27 different languages. It was declared that the voice assistant would be getting an interpreter mode that would be able to translate anything on a real time basis. So holding a conversation with a person speaking in other mother tongue would become easy. Apart from the translator, Google Assistant is going to get many new features. Added to that, many new gadgets would be working with Google Assistant. Most importantly, Google is planning to roll out the Google Assistant for many new devices which also includes iPhones.
Some of the features that one might see come into immediate effect includes third-party integration. Some of the third-party integration comprises of:
Assimilation with the Dish Hopper
Google Assistant coming to Sonos speakers
Lighter adapters with Assistant
Samsung TV integration
The list of third-party integration is just endless. Also, one would get to see a bunch of new software features. It would include:
Improved auto-reply and punctuation when replying to messages with one’s voice
More Android devices would come with Assistant
Flight-check in would be possible with Assistant
Integrating Assistant into Google Maps
Google’s main battle against Alexa is to include Assistant feature into cars. Plug-ins that would work with Google Assistant is going to come up soon. Hence, navigation would be smooth.
As Google is planning huge surprises, one will need to wait and see. Once Google makes the announcements it would be useful for all.

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