Google to Shut Down Google+ for the Consumers Due to Security Lapse

Google is going to shut down the Google+’s consumer version in the last 10 months as per the blog post of the company. The decision follows the unveiling of the previously undisclosed security problem which exposed the profile data of the users which had been remedied in March 2018.
Google states that Google+ has a low management and usage and 90%of the users of Google+ users are going to last for less than 5 seconds. Yet the company plans to maintain the service for the enterprise customers who use it for facilitating the conversation among the customers. New features are going to be rolled out for the use case as stated by the company. Google focuses on the safe and secure corporate network that is odd considering the announcement which comes along with the news that the company has left the profile details all unprotected.
Apart from unsetting Google+, the companies have announced the new privacy adjustment for the privacy adjustment for the other services of Google. API changes are going to limit the access of the developers to data on Gmail and Android devices. Developers are no longer going to get SMS and call log permissions on the Android devices and contact interaction data isn’t going to be available through Android Contacts API. The same API have provided the basic interaction data is going to be who messaged you last and that the permission has to be revoked.
As for the changes in Gmail, the company is going to update the User Data Policy for the consumer version of the email service. This is going to limit the app and also the scope of the access to the user data. VP of engineering and Google fellow, Ben Smith, only the apps that directly enhance the email functionality like email backup services, email clients, and productivity services will be authorized to access the data.


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