Google Pixel 3 Event is All About Data

For the last 3 years, Google has been performing hard in order to be successful in pulling off daunting feat making its way into the present crowded consumer technological device market and takes away the customers from Samsung, Apple, and Amazon.
Albeit, it is best for the world-class software which includes the iconic search engine, Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, Google has been trying to make a name for itself in the hardware market. Now, it is a respectable spate gadget which includes premium phones that is marketed under the brand name Pixel, Wi-Fi, a virtual reality headset, three models of smart speakers, and router. This doesn’t include the connected thermostats and smoke detectors that it sells under the brand Nest.
Thus, it is no surprise that on Tuesday, Google is expected to unveil its next generation of it that is to be ‘Made by Google’ line of devices. The rumours are calling for the new also Pixel 3 XL and Pixel 3 smartphones that is to compete against the recent updates of iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Note. A revised version of Google home speaker known as the Home Hub adds a new screen.
However, irrespective of the new hardware, Google that turned 20 years this month is a search company after all. Its raison d’être, worldwide popularity, and cash-mining business are rooted to be able to deliver search results to you. Thus, people will pay attention to the matte finishes and shiny screens that are to be unveiled at the New York event. This is going to be about the software services of Google and how they will find out information about you.
Google wants to sell phones and smart speakers since it knows that people are not searching for things on from their computer or desktop anymore. They are simply asking the Google home device to play their playlist or using the camera on the Pixel phones for figuring out the species of a specific flower. The more Google gets to know about you and your interests, the more valuable its ad will be in the market.


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