Google Maps AR Navigation Is Now In Its Testing Phase

Last year during the I/O developer’s conference, Google bragged much about Augmented Reality (AR) feature that is going to come up for Google Maps. The new feature would be helping people to use their famous Google Maps navigation map most effectively. However, no advancement could be seen with this feature since its announcement. But now Google is allowing some testers to see how the Map is working on a real time basis.
Well, the AR feature would be helping people out with directions by making use of the phone’s camera and also the current location on a real-time basis. It would be helping in getting a live view around the person using it.
According to reports, it was seen that the new feature won’t be like a turn-by turn option; rather it would be a great step in the right direction for the Google Maps. While taking a close look into the app’s new feature, it was seen that the app would be picking up a user’s location via GPS. After that, it makes use of Street View Data. This, in turn, helps to narrow down the exact location. Once it gets pinned down directional area is shown on the screen. However, one drawback that one might face according to the user is that the app won’t be allowed to use of the camera on a persistent basis. It would request the user to lower down their phone so that the more traditional map gets displayed.
It has been seen that the lower third of the screen is dedicated to the standard overhead view of the map and also the given route. It is very interesting to take a note of the fact that the users are going to experience a unique navigating experience provided one is holding the phone vertically in front of them.
Google has been experimenting with the user interface on a constant basis, on knowing that users will follow a line on the ground too closely, and that an animated guide will keep them glued to the screen. Pierce notes that the interface that pops up might change, and that Google didn’t revealed anything when the feature would be rolling out. Google only mentioned that it would be available to the Few Local Guides and it would be available to everyone when Google is satisfied with it.

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