Google Making It Easier for Employees to Report Cases of Harassment and Discrimination

Last year, Google’s employee staged a walkout protest globally for protesting against the company’s handling of the sexual harassment cases. The California based company declared that they would be introducing a dedicated website that would help employees report cases of sexual harassment and discrimination at the workplace.

On 25th April, Google announced that they are changing the way employees can report the cases of harassment and allegation of discrimination. As promised, Google has come up with a dedicated website that would be addressing the concerns. The company publicly released their policy on harassment and workplace issues. The 13-page policy contains detail information about what can be considered as an harassment and discrimination; and how Google would be probing the issues. Not only that the company even released its annual internal misconduct report, which has detailed facts on the cases of discrimination, retaliation, and harassment.

The announcement pursues new criticism within the company. Earlier this week, two prominent employees who assisted in organizing the walkout stated that they have faced retribution from the company. Google has denies that changes in work assignments were an act of retaliation.

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