Google Launches Its Nest Hub Max, a 10 Inch Assistant Smart Display for $230

The Google Nest Hub Max is going to be the next big thing from the house of Google’s speaker roster. The Google Nest Hub is the first Google made smart display that comes with an in-built camera. Well, this new member of Google’s newly developed Nest product family.

This new device was launched at the Google I/O developers’ conference on 7th May (Tuesday). As per reports, it’s going to a higher end version of the popular Google Home Hub and its going to have a lot of features in it.

Some of the features that are going to come with this device were leaked a few months back. As per reports, it’s going to have a 10-inch HD screen, the camera would double up as NestCam, and it’s going to have big speakers that would provide stereo sound effect. The device has been priced at $230; although a bit overpriced than the present Home Hub, presently known as the Nest Hub, which is available at $130.

The Nest Hub Max comprises of the best parts of every other smart display on top of the Google Home Hub. The Nest Hub Max is bagging for the title of the best smart display.

The Nest Hub Max comes with a matte display that adjusts its color temperature to match the room. The 10-inch screen often looks more like a regular photo in a frame than a standard LCD panel. It can be used for making video calls and also for home security monitoring.

Just like the Google Home Hub, the Nest Hub Max can be controlled with one’s voice as it has an in-built Google Assistant. New gesture controls would allow to play or pause music and videos.

The device comes in both gray and white, although the bezel around the display would always be white. It can recognize your face so it can show customized personal information on the screen.

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