Google Is Going To Shut Down Its Allo

Google has officially declared that it is going to shut down its artificial intelligence-powered messaging app, Allo. It marks the end of another failed experiment of Google’s chat application. The news isn’t entirely obvious, going by the fact that Google have already discontinued its investment in the messaging app Allo way back in April. During that time, the head of the communications group at Google, Anil Sabharwal, cited that Allo as a whole was not able to attain the level of propulsion they were looking for.
Google stated that Allo will be functional throughout March 2019 and the users of this application would be able to export the conversation.
Allo will “continue to work through March 2019,” Google says, and users will be able to export their conversation history until then.
The timing for Allo’s pending close down is exceptionally suitable, going by the fact that Verizon is going to officially launch RCS Chat on the Pixel 3 and 3 XL on 6th December.
Moreover, the team of Allo has also moved to Android message and so did the division lead Anit Fulay who shifted to Facebook.
RCS Chat unlike Allo will be carrier-based during its exercise. Hence, it would be able to give Google, a right form of competitor like the iMessage that it has been deeming for Android devices for all these years, although through a service which won’t be run by Google at all.
One thing which must be noted is that RCS chat won’t be the same as Google’s Hangouts Chat. The renewed version of Google Hangouts has been devised for enterprise users that will ultimately reinstate the classic Hangouts understanding with something that looks identical to services such as Slack. Google suggested that Hangouts Chat and Meet, the video solution, will both be available to existing users after certain point of time.

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