Google Duplex Is Going To Expand For Small Group of Pixel Owners

Google Duplex is the automated service which calls up businesses in order to make any kind of bookings on a person’s behalf. According to reports it is going to have a limited public launch. Google released a statement mentioning that the rollout of the service would be a slow one and it would be made available to a small group of users of Google Pixel phone and that too in select cities.

This signifies that the service has been launched in a state which is very limited; in comparison, to what Google demonstrated on stage. Those who would be able to avail this service would be limited to some restaurant bookings. Google Duplex is going to provide support to only Pixel phones. This means that it won’t be available to other handset devices. Ata the same time, Google Assistant would be making only calls which are in English and in those cities that are eligible for the trial. There has been no mention about how long it would take to overcome the limitations.

Google Duplex that is being made available to the public will allow users to get first hand information on how the service is going to work. In fact, the option for making the call can be acquired either generally to ask it to make reservation or one can look out for a restaurant, book a table. After that a quick discussion with Google would allow one to provide every detail about the party along with a phone number. Once the booking is done, it would get transferred into the section of ‘My Reservation’ list. It would also include other appointments which are included from the emails or added from the calendar.

However, Google is going to confirm if it’s going to make the service available for the public.

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