Google for Its Android Q Is Coming Up with 53 Gender-Fluid Emoji

In order to bring gender-neutrality, Google is going to release 53 gender fluid emoji to its Android catalogue. Starting this week, the emojis would be released for Pixel devices as a part of beta release.

As per reports, the new set of emojis, have been created in such a way that it looks neither male nor female. It’s basically Google’s endeavor to streamline the emoji keyboard with more universal character. Google realized that there is dearth of gender-neutral symbols in texting. Hence, this gender neutral emojis are being introduced.

The number of emoji has expanded to over 3,000 since the original 176 symbols were released back in 1999. Some of these emojis are totally new characters and symbols, but others are new race and gender combinations for existing emoji.

The current approach is more comprehensive, but it has its limitations. It makes the emoji keyboard more difficult to analyze, and moreover it’s almost unfeasible to include every possible combination of skin tone and gender in emoji featuring multiple people.

Another problem is that emoji designs sometime have various genders when the core Unicode standard doesn’t mention one. For example, Google’s design for the person in a sauna is female, but on iOS the character is male. This indicates the emoji’s gender can change when messages are sent between platforms, leading to confusion.

Presently, the 53 new emoji are simply a Google project, signifying that if one send them to a non-Google smartphone they’ll still be earmarked a gender. The new emoji set consist of weightlifter, swimmer, zombies, and are gender-neutral. It would be rolled out to all Android Q smartphones by the end of this year.

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