Go For the Latest Hottest Brew in the US Gourmet Coffee

What can be the best way to start your morning? Obviously, by holding a hot cup of coffee in your hands and sipping it slowly. Despite the excitement that the best coffee comes from a French press or from an AeroPress, sometimes there has been an ongoing debate that the speciality coffee remains the best as they are always personalized for coffee lovers.

However, recently, it has been seen that the number of Americans drinking coffee every day has languished. Still, evidence showed that consumers, especially trendy consumers have become choosy about the quality of the coffee they are drinking; after all, it’s the drink of the common man.

According to a study by the National Coffee Association’s conference, 63% of Americans drink coffee every day and it remained unaltered from the last year. In fact, the infiltration of high-end beverages has set a new record. As per the report from the press conference, the share of the gourmet coffee consumed reached 61% in comparison to 39% for non-gourmet cups of the brewery.

Consumers have become more knowledgeable about the things they are buying and they want to know from where their coffee is originating. For instance, whether the coffee they are drinking comes from Ethiopia or from Persia, Turkey, Syria or Egypt? Not only that, even people are taking interest in knowing about the details of coffee, especially related to the flavour. Hence, it has forced many companies to modify the way they conduct business, bringing coffee in exotic origins to cold brews.

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