Get to Know the Best Gadgets at CES 2018

CES 2018 was the largest consumer electronics show which featured around thirty-nine hundred exhibitors. The total area occupied by CES 2018 was over 2.75 million square feet and the show witnessed many new gadgets which would be able to transform the life of humans. By going through the list mentioned below, you would come across the best gadgets which were spotted at CES 2018.

Sony’s Aibo

Sony was not able to make an impact at the last CES show and the company had come up with modifications of their high tech toy Aibo.  The price of the toy was estimated to be around $1,600 and the company had been really successful in convincing people regarding their new launch.

Lenovo Smart Display

Lenovo’s Smart Display had a unique design obtained from a solid hardware maker.  This product by Lenovo had impressed the people who had been a part of the CES 2018. Even though it could not surpass Alexa when it came to providing assistance, this product was considered to be a tough contender.

Lishtot TestDrop

The CES aims to keep the consumers captivated into the yearly upgrade cycle but some hardware makers are trying to make a difference. Testdrop was considered to be one of the most important products of the CES 2018 show. The device had a guitar-like shape and it could test the quality of the drinking water by checking the electric field around it.

Omron’s Forpheus

One of the gadgets which had grabbed the attention of the crowd at CES 2018 was the Omron Forpheus. The ping pong playing robot had an in-built LED screen which featured encouraging messages while you are playing tennis.

Peak Design Everyday BackPack

The kickstarter triumph was an everyday backpack which was designed by Peak Designs. The backpack was priced at $300 which was considered to be quite expensive but it was the perfect solution for the people who love to carry gadgets. The backpack had the space to include even the most ridiculous gadgets.

Kohler Numi Intelligent Toilet

Kohler’s Numi intelligent toilet had a sensor which could activate a foot warmer. The seat could also be heated and it could provide ambient lighting, a bidet and music could also be played.

Which of the gadgets impressed the tech freak within you? You can pen down your views in the comments section.


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