France Is About To Pass Bill on Regulating Hate Speech on the Internet

In an attempt to compel the tech companies to remove hateful content, the French Government has started a motion to pass a bit. According to the bill, the tech companies have to take down the content that the administration deems hateful. This hate speech regulation is a part of an overall internet regulations bill. According to the sources, the lower house of the French parliament has already adopted the overall regulation bill.

Once the bill is fully approved, the Government will start informing the tech giants about the hateful content. Once the content is flagged, the tech companies will have 24 hours to take that particular content down from their platform. According to the sources, the bill will move to the Senate, the upper house of the French Parliament, for further discussion.

According to the inside sources, the government is considering anything that incites violence or discrimination as hateful. Anything, which makes people discriminate one from the other depending on their races or religion, would be taken down. Child pornography has also been considered as hateful content in that bill. If the tech platforms fail to remove the content within the restricted period, they would be penalized up to 1.25 million Euro.

The spike of the anti-semitic attacks and extremist behavior of the general people have made the French President, Emanuel Macron, worried. That is why he had proposed this measure against the tech giants such as Google and Facebook. However, at that time, the French lawmakers were arguing on the definition of hate speech. It is time to see whether they still differ in the definition of hate speech.

Germany, being the leading nation in the matter of internet regulation, passed a law very similar to the French one. That law had been valid since 1st january this year. Even though the time frame of removing the content is the same for Germany, the penalty fee is a hefty 50 million Euro.

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