In Fortnite’s Avengers Endgame Event Thanos Makes a Comeback

Once again, Fortnite is tying up with Avengers. According to latest update, Thanos is going to make a comeback in the Fortnite Endgame event. Last year, Thanos stormed across Fortnite Battle Royale’s island, by taking out players left and right as a part of an epic Avenger: Infinity War tie-in. Well, the Mad Titan is back and is supported by a team of Chitauri warriors. They would be against by a team of heroes brandishing Avengers weapons.

Instead of pitting one player as Thanos against everybody else, just like the last year’s event, Fortnite Endgame would feature conflicting teams fighting it out over the Infinity Stones. The hero team would try to get rid of the Chitauri forces and knock down Thanos. The villain team is assigned with recovering all six of the Infinity Stones which are scattered all throughout the map.

The mechanics of the game sound like a great deal of fun. On the villains’ team the first Chitauri to retrieve a stone transforms into Thanos, making those early moments a mad rush to assert power. The heroes’ team starts with a map that leads them to a powerful Avengers item, with others dispersed across the island. Both teams rebreed till one side attains their main goal. Making things even more enjoyable, with each retrieved Infinity Stone, the Chitauri becomes stronger.

Players can finish their challenges to unlock Avengers-themed rewards such as sprays and a sweet quintet glider. Well, there are costumes to obtain, like the snazzy Black Widow number.

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