Former British Lawyer Left the UK In Order To Retire In the UAE

John Felton, former UK lawyer worked for the conveyancing, childcare, general litigation, and criminal law before retiring to Dubai with his wife, Mrs Heinke in 2006. Mr Felton, who is a parent of two adult sons, got the inspiration to shift to the UAE while reading out bedtime stories about the Arabian beauty to his three grandchildren. The retiree couple now resides in Dubai Marina.

John’s father used to work as an electrician and his mother was a housewife. He used to live with an older and a younger sister. He earned a scholarship to the boarding school till he reached the age of 15. As pocket money, he used to get six old pennies. While he started working he used to send back money as he wanted to repay back. Mr Felton’s decision to shift to Dubai was mainly because of his family. As his son works in the UAE as CEO, his son asked him to invest there. He and his wife became the first residents of The Palm. After that, they moved into a two-bedroom apartment in Cayan Tower in Dubai Marina. He was a lawyer but he never thought of earning a lot of money; however, he had built up an egg nest in different departments. He stated that being cautious helped him to leave comfortably and reasonably in Dubai. Mr Felton feels that his best investment has been The Palm apartment, which is basically his pension as it offers him rental income and enough amount of capital appreciation. Even though, it has gone up twice as expected.
One of his cherished purchases is a chalet in Austria which he bought for €240,000 (Dh1.05m). As part of his future plans, he is hopeful that Dubai would get much cheaper.

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