Finally SpaceX Rocket Launches Their Next Generation GPS Satellite

After a series of delays, at last, Space X’s Falcon 9 rocket sent its next-generation GPS satellite into orbit. The satellite which was sent to space is going to start a new-era for GPS navigation technology. Well, it was launched for the US Air Force.

SpaceX, just before 6 am tweeted Liftoff and also stated that the Falcon 9 rocket was on its way. The rocket carried the US Air Force’s GPS III SV01 satellite, is the first in a series of new satellites to reach space. Moreover, it would increase the accuracy of the Global Positioning System. This kind of satellite is still used and retained by the Air Force. The wide bunch of GPS satellites has become a part of the everyday life for just anyone. For instance, it helps to get the directions in one’s smartphone.

As it has been stated that the GPS III system is constructed in such a way that it offers accurate results, more than the present technology can provide. Moreover, it would be able to oppose jamming. It’s also supposed to have an elongated lifespan. Being the first authoritative SpaceX initiated national security for the Air Force under the program touted as the Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle, after a years-long effort, which saw SpaceX registering a complaint against the federal government and reaching a settlement.

Two hours since the launch, the satellite detached from the rocket and started its independent orbit.

Shortly after the launch, Lockheed Martin, the defence contractor that constructed SV01, stated that ground control was in transmission with the satellite, although it’s not functional just yet. First of all, it is going to reach an orbit of about 12,550 miles, during which its solar arrays and antennas will be placed in position and signals testing will start.

Launch dates for this mission got postponed regularity. Only, last week, SpaceX was ready to set off its rocket, which got eventually delayed due to technical issues and bad weather.

In contrast with other recent Falcon 9 launches, SpaceX won’t try to get back the first stage of the rocket.

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