Finally On May 31st, BBM aka BlackBerry Messenger Is Shutting Down

BBM aka BlackBerry Messenger which used to be a pioneer of encrypted peer-to-peer communication, declared on Thursday that it would be shutting down its consumer service on 31st May after it lost to competitors like WhatsApp and others. Emtek announced that it would be ending support for the messaging app on 31st May. In a blog post, it was stated that in spite of the attempt to revive the BBM consumer service, consumers left their services, even though the app was added with features like video calling and Uber hailing services.

The company even in the blog post stated that they are proud of what they have built. However, regardless of their efforts to retain consumers, they have shifted to other platforms. On the other hand, new users found it difficult to sign in the app. However, the company will not discontinue its enterprise version. The BBMe i.e. BlackBerry’s enterprise version will continue their business operations as usual.

So those who are really missing their BBM can switch to the enterprise version on Android or iOS devices for free. However, there would be a subscription fee of $2.50 for every six months.
BlackBerry in 2016, had licensed BBM Consumer to Emtek as part of its transition process.

However, very much like BlackBerry phones, BBM also lost priority as users moved to feature-rich Android and iOS smartphones. BBM which was created in 2005, was available as a crucial offering on BlackBerry handsets. In 2013, the messaging platform was made available for download on Android and iOS devices.

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