Finally Google Takes the Charge of RCS Rollout

Most of you might have been hearing about RCS, which is going to be a replacement for SMS texting. However, the next-generation service has been nearly unthinkable because of complicated carrier and phone maker politics. But the latest news is that search engine giant Google is taking over the charge of RCS. By the end of this month, Android users in the UK and France would be able to choose RCS Chat services offered directly by Google rather than waiting for their carrier services to support it.

For the first time in years, Google would be directly offering a better default texting experience to Android users rather than waiting for cellphone carriers to carry it out. It’s not quite the Google identical of an iMessage service for Android users, but its close. Not realizing when or if RCS Chat would be available for your phone was RCS’s second biggest problem, and Google is fixing it.

RCS is going to be the next-generation texting protocol that most carriers around the globe have agreed to in order to replace SMS. It offers most of the features that one would expect from a modern messaging app, such as high-quality attachments, read receipts, and typing indicators. Google’s Android Messages app alludes to RCS as “Chat,” which is a more consumer-friendly name for the service.

The process would be opt-in. When users would be opening up the Android Messages app, they’ll see a quick offering to upgrade to RCS Chat. This would also apply to new phones. RCS Chat would be in the default app and would be provided to every Android user, but presently the plan is not to make it the default. Apple automatically picks users in to iMessage, but Google is going to require an active choice.

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