The Film Industry in the UAE

Art in all its forms has always been an integral part of UAE culture. Along with art forms such as poetry, dance or calligraphy, cinema is also fast becoming a part of that culture. In fact, the film industry in the UAE has grown rapidly over the last few decades and is now an important part of UAE life.
In the UAE, the beginnings of the film industry can be traced back to the 1980s when the first full-length Emirati movie was released. Over the years, the burgeoning film industry has produced a number of award winning movies such as Sea Shadow and City of Life.
Moreover, the UAE film industry doesn’t just produce and create its own movies. In its early years and even today, it has worked with Hollywood and Bollywood to create some of the most impressive and successful movies in recent years.
UAE offers breathtaking landscapes which serve as excellent backgrounds for movies. As a result, many Hollywood and Bollywood movies have shot some of their scenes in the UAE. This has allowed many UAE film industry professionals the opportunity to work with experienced experts from Hollywood and Bollywood. UAE has also established commissions which aid foreign movie makers in producing and creating their projects in the country.
UAE has also made it possible for filmmakers to showcase and promote their work internationally by means of film festivals. The Abu Dhabi International Film Festival and the Dubai International Film Festival are critically acclaimed and internationally renowned for showing some of the most profound movies from across the world.
There is even a dedicated fund for Emirati film makers called SANAD. It provides support to the filmmakers in the country, helping them develop and complete their projects. As such, the potential for the film industry in the UAE is incredible.


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