FBI: Hate Crimes Have Shot Up Online and Offline in the United States

A data by the FBI have been released which mentioned that the percentage of hate crimes had increased of about 17% in the US the previous year. The total number of incidents that were reported rose to 7175 in the year 2017 from 6121 in 2016. In fact, the number of online incidents also jumped to 11 from 4 within a span of one year. The data also says that some of the law enforcement agencies use different methods for the reporting and so location of all the incidents cannot be known from ‘cyberspace’ only. So it can be concluded that the online hate crimes incident can be higher too.
The number of reported hate crimes has begun to rise at a time when all the social media companies are coming under the scrutiny for the policies against hate speech. Facebook, Google, Twitter and some other tech giants have mentioned that it is their responsibility to push back against hate speech, although some of the decisions which have been taken up by them on what to block have led to push back from some of the advocacy groups and lawmakers.
Tech giants that include, Facebook, Google, twitter and Microsoft have also held hands with the Anti-Defamation League in an effort to fight against the online hate crimes. The comprehensive guidelines were also released by Facebook that are used by the content moderators to determine the content can be allowed on social media platforms or not. This policy of Facebook was applauded by the Anti-Defamation League for maintaining their transparency. But still it is thought that it needs to work with academic researchers and independent organizations for opening up the data about the hate speech.

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